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School of Engineering

The following list provides information on projects currently open to new research students. For more information on each project please contact the nominated supervisor within the project description.

This page will be updated as opportunities become available so please check back regularly.

Areas covered include environmental fluid mechanics; hydraulics; urban water; pollutant transport; desalination; water and wastewater treatment; renewable energy in water and wastewater treatment applications

Areas covered include energy conversion systems; renewable energy; stand-alone energy systems; alternate fuels; biomass; combustion; heat transfer; fluidic behaviour; physical process modelling and optimisation

Area covered include machine vision and image processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, field robotics and robotics in unstructured environments, enhanced teleoperation, UGV navigation and SLAM, and deep learning approaches to robotic grasping

Areas covered include enhanced oil recovery (EOR); reservoir modelling; unconventional resources (coal, gas hydrates, shale); hydraulic fracturing/fracture stimulation; formation damage control; and CO2 geo-sequestration

Areas covered include composite manufacturing techniques; additive manufacturing; hydraulic valve development; non-intrusive experimental flow visualisation; design optimisation; and automotive design and development

Areas covered include advanced materials design; materials synthesis; microstructure characterisation; and material properties evaluation for various engineering applications

Areas covered include geosynthetic applications; fibre-reinforced soils; slope stability; engineered landfills; buried structures; static and dynamic earth pressures; utilisation of mine and other wastes in construction; pavement structure; and ground improvement techniques

Areas covered include modelling and integration of renewable energy sources; microgrids; energy management; demand forecasting; demand management; energy storage systems; and electric vehicles

Areas covered include wireless communications; intelligent monitoring and surveillance for natural and industrial environments; intelligent embedded systems; decision making and machine learning; wireless sensor networks; green communications; next generation wireless broadband networks; signal processing and acoustics; digital image processing; and structural health monitoring

Areas covered include solar energy conversion; environmental nanotechnology; mining and mineral processing; and hydrocarbon synthesis from methane and carbon dioxide

Project levels: Masters, PhD

Contact: Associate Professor Mehdi Khiadani, Associate Dean of Research, School of Engineering

Funding: Applicants may apply for ECUHDR Scholarship; School Scholarships may be available

Start Date: Ongoing

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