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The Security Research Institute is one of ECU’s most vital research groups. The institute investigates issues in three main themes that deliver immediate and high impact outcomes in the areas of secure systems (SS), critical infrastructure security (CIS), and cyber enabled crime (CEC).

ECU is an Australian Computer Society (ACS) Centre of Expertise in Security. ECU has been recognised by the Australian Federal Government as an Academic Centre of Cyber Security Excellence (ACCSE), It operates as the headquarters of the federally funded Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CyberSec CRC) for which ECU was the bid leader. ECU is also home to the WACyberHub sponsored by the WA Government New Industries Fund, AustCyber, various local governments and industry.

The ECU Security Research Institute has a significant support infrastructure and skilled technical support base. This mix of technological backup and support experience has produced a productive research team that prides itself on quality and timely output.

ECUSRI has proven its ability to develop innovative and creative technologies and methodologies for securing cyberspace. Growing our multi-disciplinary approach to research, including researchers from across ECU's other schools when applicable is a must. A multi-disciplinary approach is paramount in achieving creativity and innovation necessary for inter-disciplinary knowledge generation.

Going beyond the previously evidenced synergy with existing computer science disciplines, we conduct research into Education, Psychology, Business, Law and Health. The current newly awarded PhD projects for the CSCRC embodies this approach and positions ECU as the only university truly proposing multi-disciplinary projects. This approach will and is already allowing us to grow research beyond just pure 1 and 0's which is the focus of traditional cyber security. This interdisciplinary focus enables us to access a wider range of funding sources and therefore extend capability and maintain strategic advantage in the cyber security domain.

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