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Learning support

Academic Skills Centre

The Academic Skills Centre (ASC) can help you effectively transition into university study and equip you with the necessary skills to become a successful student and lifelong learner.

Who are we?

The ASC is staffed by a group of highly qualified, skilled, experienced and friendly Learning Advisers who can help with your studies.

What do we do?

As staff of the Academic Skills Centre, we can:

  • assist you with tackling assessment tasks (at Assignment Drop in Sessions);
  • help you to develop your English language (through English Language Workshops);
  • deliver academic skills training workshops in the areas of academic literacy, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (through Academic Skills Workshops); and
  • collaborate with your lecturer to make tacit assignment instructions accessible to you (within your lectures/tutorials and/or on your unit Blackboard sites).

Research Skills Centre

The Research Writing Advisers provide research writing and communication support to all higher degree by research (HDR) students. We can assist individual students with their Proposals, thesis abstracts, chapters and structure, as well as responses to reviewer’s comments and journal manuscripts. In this way, we aim to assist students achieve clear, succinct and accurate expression in their writing.

Research Writing Consultants run workshops on a range of writing issues, research communication, and drafting of publications or Proposals. Our workshops are advertised both through the Graduate Research School and the Centre for Learning and Teaching.

The Research Advisers aim to assist higher degree by research (HDR) students in developing the skills needed to effectively plan and carry out research.  Consultants cover the overall planning of research projects in combination with choosing appropriate methods to suit research questions.  We also assist with research design; data management and analysis; interpretation, reporting and presentation of findings; and conceptual issues in producing a final thesis or exegesis.

Research Consultants run workshops on a range of topics related to methodology, statistics and data analysis, NVivo, R and SPSS. Our workshops are advertised both through the Graduate Research School and the Centre for Learning and Teaching.


UniPrep courses prepare you for university level study by teaching you the skills required for academic success – with an emphasis on you becoming an independent learner.

In our general UniPrep courses we cover information/communication technology skills, academic research and writing, mathematical concepts and techniques, and a wide range of interpersonal communication skills. Visit the UniPrep web site for more information.

Contact us


Location: ECU Joondalup Campus, Building 34, Level 5

Phone: (61 8) 6304 2554

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