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Parking at ECU is divided into clearly identified zones for staff, students and visitors, outlined on our campus maps.

Parking permits

Parking permits are required to park in all ECU parking zones between business hours (7.00am - 5.00pm weekdays). With the exception of ACROD areas, no permits are required for parking after hours, with staff and students encouraged to park as close as possible to buildings to aid personal safety whilst on campus.

ACROD parking bays

ACROD permit holders are not required to pay for parking at ECU when they park in an ACROD bay (so do not need an ECU permit). If ACROD parking is full, ACROD holders are advised to pay and park in the visitor parking area.

Athena SWAN parent parking bays

ECU has 91 dedicated Athena SWAN parking bays for staff and students with parenting drop-off responsibilities and/or carer responsibilities. Bays are clearly marked in purple with signage that shows the ECU and Athena SWAN member logo.

Athena SWAN Parent Car Parking

Apply for an Athena SWAN parent car parking permit.

Joondalup Campus
Staff: Car Parks 4,8,19
Students: Car Park 2

Mount Lawley Campus
Staff and students: Car Park 6

South West Campus
Staff and students: Car Parks  3, 4, 5

Temporary Parking Permit

Temporary permits are available to current ECU student and staff permit holders, free of charge, if your normal vehicle is not available. The temporary parking permit request is an online facility which generates a temporary permit for you.

A temporary permit (valid for up to five days) can only be issued to current permit holders, and valid for the zone allocated to the original permit. This permit needs to be clearly displayed on the dashboard of your vehicle.

Temporary Parking Permit


If you have been issued with a parking infringement at ECU, find out how to pay or appeal the infringement.

The following tips may assist you in avoiding a parking infringement in the future:

  • Read our ECU Lands and Traffic By-Laws prior to parking on ECU grounds.
  • Ensure that your parking permit or ticket is clearly displayed at all times. Infringements are issued for not displaying a permit, not necessarily for not owning one.
  • Notes on dashboards are not accepted in place of a permit. If you are not driving your normal vehicle, obtain a temporary permit.
  • All vehicles parked in areas signed ‘Visitor Parking’ must display a valid visitor permit from the ticket vending machine.
  • For the protection of the University environment, and for the safety of students, staff and visitors, vehicles are not permitted to park on verges, grass areas, roads or pathways.


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