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Linkage with ECU’s Motion Capture Studio

Quality and Creativity: Leading Immersive Digital Simulation and Training

The development of high fidelity, authentic simulation training must be information driven and supported by advanced infrastructure. The ECU Motion Capture Studio houses the industry leading hardware, software and staff expertise necessary for world class virtual simulation development.

Certified as Unity 3D game engine developers, digital objects and environments are created through a consultative process to ensure production of realistic and authentic environments. Underlying simulation mechanics are further developed in consultation with clients to ensure that user interaction with simulations provide challenging and rewarding learning experiences. High powered computing, cloud storage and a large VR floor space at the ECU Motion Capture Studio enable iterative simulation development and easy data exchange to ensure simulations meet all user interaction and learning objectives.

Effective human interactions and communications are essential to produce world-class digital content. Central to the ECU Motion Capture Studio is a 18 camera Vicon T40S full body motion capture system including a live facial animation pipeline. This gold standard infrastructure facilitates both high fidelity digital human animation as well as high accuracy biomechanical human movement analyses. Based at the ECU Mt Lawley campus, the ECU Motion Capture Studio is directly connected with the talented Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts acting department.

The ECU Motion Capture Studio provides the perfect environment for fast and prolific, high fidelity human avatar animations for the bespoke needs of each simulation in development. Generic off the shelf simulations can be replaced with authentic virtual simulations custom made to recreate client working environments. Bespoke simulations train the staff specific skills required for their workplace health and safety needs.

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