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Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network (DIAN) study

The Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network (DIAN) will study dominantly inherited Alzheimer’s disease in individuals for whom the diagnosis is certain (mutation carriers) in comparison with their non-carrier siblings, who serve as naturally occurring control group. Advantages of this cohort include the collection of relevant information and specimens from presymptomatic stages through symptomatic stages and the absence of confounding age-associated illnesses that may influence the onset and course of DAT. The value of the DIAN cohort will be enhanced because it will provide a sample size larger than can be achieved by any site alone, because all DIAN participants will be assessed longitudinally with comprehensive and state of the art clinical, cognitive, genetic, imaging, and biomarker protocols, and because all data will be collected in a standard and uniform manner for entry into a central repository. This research database will be harmonized with other databases (ADNI; NACC) that use methods and protocols identical to DIAN, and will serve to promote data sharing within and without DIAN.


Professor Ralph Martins
Professor Jo Badcock 
Dr Simon Laws
Dr Ian Martins
Dr Giuseppe Verdile
Dr Matt Sharman
Dr Hamid Sohrabi
Mr Kevin Taddei
Mrs Tania Taddei
Ms Linda Wijaya

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