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Post-nominals (Award abbreviations)

A post-nominal (or award abbreviation) is the abbreviation displayed after a person’s name to denote the qualifications that person has achieved.

Academic Governance and Standards is responsible for allocating post-nominals for ECU courses and our staff can provide advice to staff, students and alumni who want to know what letters they can use after their names and how they should be displayed.

Display of award post-nominals

A person may use several different sets of post-nominals, including those such as the Order of Australia, academic qualifications and professional organisations. The order in which they should be listed is explained in the Post-nominals policy.

Please note that the correct post-nominal for Edith Cowan University is ECowan (not ECU) and it is displayed as in the following example: BA Hons ECowan

For more information about displaying award abbreviations and a list of current abbreviations, see the related downloads.

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