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Your guide to graduating checklist

A graduation ceremony is a formal event where your academic achievements are recognised and honoured. Upon graduating, you’ll receive a formal testamur (certificate).

This checklist takes you through the graduation process and attendance at the ceremony.

Step 1: Accept, defer or decline your Graduation Invitation

You need to confirm one of these options by logging into SIMO (see Graduation Ceremony in the main menu):

  • Accept – this will confirm your attendance at the ceremony, ensuring you receive your formal academic testamur
  • Defer – you can defer your attendance by up to 12 months. You’ll receive an invitation to the next round of graduation ceremonies and will need to register again via SIMO.
  • Decline – you won’t receive an invitation to graduate at any future ceremonies for your current award. You can choose to have your testamur posted to you or you can collect it from Student Records.

Important: If you don’t respond to your graduation invitation on SIMO by the cut-off date, you won’t be eligible to attend any future ceremonies for your current award and your testamur won’t be produced.

For more information, see the Accept, defer or decline your invitation web page.

If you register to attend your graduation ceremony, you must complete the following steps.

Step 2: Order your academic regalia

It’s compulsory for all graduates to wear academic regalia applicable to the degree they are being awarded at the ceremony.

Place your order online by 26 August 2019 via the regalia ordering portal.

Step 3: Collect your tickets and regalia

Tickets and regalia will be available from the venue collection points and on the allocated collection dates.

For more information, see our Tickets and venue web page.

Step 4: Attend the ceremony

Collecting your graduate ticket on the day?

You must arrive at least 90 minutes before the ceremony is due to start.

Already have your graduate ticket?

Arrive at least one hour before your ceremony starts for a graduate briefing in the theatre.

For more info about what to do on the day of your ceremony, including on-stage procedures, see the Attend the ceremony web page.

Step 5: Return your hired regalia

If you’ve hired your regalia, please return it to the allocated return point at the graduation venue after the ceremony concludes.

Step 6: Complete the Australian Graduate Survey

All graduates will be asked to complete the Australian Graduate Survey within three to six months of course completion.

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