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Your guide to the graduation process

A graduation ceremony is a formal event where your academic achievements are recognised and honoured and you're presented with your formal testamur (certificate).

It's a big deal. But in a good way.

This page outlines the key elements that make up the whole graduation process.

1. Your graduation invitation

The first thing you need to do is respond to your invitation, even if you've already made your mind up about not attending the ceremony.

This webpage contains information about your options – including what happens if you defer or decline.

If you register to attend your graduation ceremony, you must follow the points below.

2. Order your academic regalia

It's compulsory for all graduates to wear academic regalia applicable (hat and gown with coloured sash) to the degree they're being awarded at the ceremony. No regalia means no ceremony, sorry.

This webpage has information about how and when to order your regalia, and how to wear it.

3. Tickets

As a graduate, you get one ticket for yourself and two free tickets for guests.

This webpage has information about how to collect tickets.

4. Photography

Photography is a big part of every graduation, with a professional photographer in attendance before, during and after the ceremony.

This webpage contains photography options, including packages you can buy.

5. Venue details

Ceremonies are held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre and at the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre.

This webpage shows you where they are and how to get there.

6. At the ceremony

To make your graduation day go as smoothly as possible, you'll need to do a little forward planning. Fortunately, we've done most of it for you!

This webpage explains what happens on the day of your ceremony, including when to arrive, on-stage procedures, and more.

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