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Replying to your graduation invitation

A graduation ceremony is a formal event where your academic achievements are recognised and honoured.

It's really important you let us know your intentions about attending the ceremony because we want to make sure you don't miss out on receiving your hard-earned degree, even if you can't come along. Please don't ignore it!

Responding to your invitation on SIMO

You'll need to respond to your Invitation to Graduate on SIMO.

Once you have logged in to SIMO, you will need to select Graduation from the menu and then click Ceremony Registration.

Your options include…

Accept – this will confirm your attendance at the ceremony, ensuring you receive your formal academic testamur.

Defer – you can defer your attendance by up to 12 months. You'll receive an invitation to the next round of graduation ceremonies and will need to register again via SIMO.

Decline – you won't receive an invitation to graduate at any future ceremonies for your current award. You can choose to have your testamur posted to you, or you can collect it from Student Records.

Ignore – if you don't accept, defer or decline your graduation invitation on SIMO, you won't be eligible for any future graduation ceremonies for your current award, and your testamur will not be produced. We don't recommend this!

Take action now

To check the cut-off date for responding to your invitation, visit our Important graduation dates web page.

Respond via SIMO
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