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Accept, defer or decline your invitation

Respond to your Invitation to Graduate  on SIMO to accept, defer or decline your attendance at the graduation ceremony.

If you do not wish to attend the ceremony, you still need to respond to decline the invitation on SIMO, in order to receive your testamur.

If you do not reply to your graduation invitation on SIMO, you will not be eligible for any future graduation ceremonies for your current award and your testamur will not be produced.

  • To check the graduation registration cut-off date, see our key dates web page.
  • To accept, defer or decline your invitation, login to SIMO via the Student Portal.

For more information about attendance, view the Graduation Ceremony Attendance Policy (see Downloads box on right).

Name pronunciation

When responding to your invitation you will be asked for the correct pronunciation of your name. This is because when you are called to the stage to receive your degree during the ceremony, it may be by someone who doesn't know you.

Please provide the pronunciation of your full name as you would like it to be read. For example:

  • Aundraea Pereira = On-Dre-Ya Per-Ray-Ra
  • Yuqian Wu = Woo You-Tsee-An

Special assistance

Should you or your guests require special assistance at the ceremony please contact us so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

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