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Research activity

Research vision

ECU School of Education leads, initiates and sustains high quality research that effectively addresses pertinent issues faced by learners and educators both within and beyond educational settings, and across the lifespan.

Our research benefits participants through enabling equitable, informed and productive communities, schools and workplaces, and promotes individual, economic, organisational, political and social transformation.

ECU provides a strong research environment, allowing world-class research to create lasting impact for our communities.

Strategic Research Institutes and Centres

Centre for People, Place and Planet

The vision of the Centre is to address and respond to global environmental change through theoretical, conceptual, and methodological innovation, and to build capacity to deliver transformational outcomes. Informed by principles of Indigenous knowledge and involvement, ecosystem approaches, human ecology, and social justice, our research will build evidence for changes to environmental practice and policy. Sustainable and effective research outcomes will align with the global Sustainable Development Goals, bringing our research to the world's stage.

ECU Security Research Institute

The Security Research Institute is one of ECU’s most vital research groups. The institute investigates issues in three main themes that deliver immediate and high impact outcomes in the areas of secure systems (SS), critical infrastructure security (CIS), and cyber enabled crime (CEC).

School-based research

We have four key research programs, with experts from Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary working in partnership with a range of agencies to strengthen and advance knowledge, policies and practices in education.

Education happens formally and informally in many settings and communities. This breadth is reflected in a suite of research addressing issues faced by learners and educators with a view to promoting informed and productive communities. We spearhead research into:

  • Early childhood;
  • Community sports programs;
  • Astronomy;
  • Digital learning;
  • Home learning; and
  • Wellness programs.

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Innovation in policy and practice is central to leadership in educational research. Our cutting-edge researchers lead in matters of:

  • Children’s understandings of the world;
  • Leadership;
  • Innovations in curriculum;
  • Feminist and alternative perspectives;
  • The sport-education policy interface; and
  • The power of dance and movement.

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ECU’s School of Education has a long and proud history of supporting pre-service teachers to become valued teachers, contributing to this critical profession. Our teacher educators not only prepare the next generation of outstanding teachers, but also research to enhance best practice in the delivery of these programs. Their work comprises studies into:

  • Pre-service teacher resilience and self-efficacy through professional experience;
  • STEM education;
  • Learning about language knowledge;
  • Assessment policy and practice;
  • Performing Arts education; and
  • Health and Physical education.

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Throughout her life, Edith Cowan fought for greater equity and inclusion for all children in Western Australian schools. Researchers in the School of Education honour her legacy as they seek to understand how an equitable education system can best facilitate the development of knowledge and skills for all children. Our researchers lead projects about:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander empowerment;
  • Improving gender equity and LGBTIQ+ inclusion;
  • Enabling well-being in Special Education settings; and
  • Enabling Gifted and Talented students to thrive.

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Featured News

Read aloud to your children to boost their vocabulary

Worse reading, and less of it, for kids at daycare in poorer areas

Monday, 22 March 2021

Children at daycare centres in more disadvantaged areas of Western Australia receive just half the time reading with educators than their counterparts in richer areas, according to new research from the School of Education.

See and hear more on our ECU YouTube channel.

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