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Development of a fun and user-friendly executive functioning test for use with school children

The over-arching goal of this project is to develop an online easy-to-use task that can be used to measure a child’s current cognitive capacity for working memory, inhibition, and set switching. Together these elements are broadly classified as executive functions. These types of cognitive capacities are believed to form the foundation underlying the ability to regulate one’s thoughts and behaviours which has profound consequences for learning, and social functioning. The task in development aims to be a valid assessment tool that at the same time is fun for children to use, as the tasks are part of a larger narrative, and involve active hand movements (such as swiping left and right) to complete. The tasks are designed to feel more like fun games to the children, instead of a chore. One novel aspect of the research is the goal to design the games so that they link together as part of a larger narrative that ends in a final game aiming to assess a child’s self-regulation ability while engaging in planning/problem-solving. In the final version of the online app the children will be required to self-regulate their behaviour and emotions in response to unexpected events.

Funding agency

CingleVue International
Edith Cowan University

Project duration

January 2018 - December 2022


Ms Valeska Berg (PhD Student)
Professor Mark McMahon
Dr Shane Rogers
Dr Miriam Brooker

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