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Interprofessional Ambulatory Care Program

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Making assumptions

Importance of communication in client assessment

This interprofessional learning through simulation resource package consists of two components: an audiovisual resource and a supporting facilitator manual. In order to optimise the learning opportunities from this package it is recommended that participants are firstly introduced to the concepts of interprofessional learning and human factors in health care.

The audiovisual resource demonstrates both sub-optimal outcomes as a result of healthcare interaction between the client and family and the health care provider, and a positive outcome through interprofessional collaboration.

Recommended format

  1. Facilitator guided discussion around the concepts of interprofessional learning and human factors in health care.
  2. View segment ‘Visit to the surgeon’ of the audiovisual resource.
  3. Facilitator guided discussion around the scenario specific learning competency areas (samples given within manual).
  4. View remaining segments of audiovisual resource.
  5. Facilitator guided discussion, identifying and discussing the changes witnessed and how this resulted in an alternative outcome.

Scenario brief

A 44 year old single mother meets with her surgeon two months after she had gastric banding surgery to combat her ongoing weight problems. She is very independent and determined to succeed post-surgery. She is however not eating nutritious meals and is vomiting regularly. This has caused her to develop a thiamine deficiency and is now showing signs of Wernicke’s encephalopathy. If left untreated, this can eventually develop into Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, a life threatening condition.

Learning competencies

The specific learning competency areas for this scenario are:

  • Interprofessional and client centred communication
  • Role clarification
  • Reflective practice


Note: Some browsers may disable autoplay, to commence video playback click the play button twice.


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