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Interprofessional Ambulatory Care Program

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Role clarification

Who makes the multidisciplinary team?

This interprofessional learning through simulation resource package consists of two components: an audiovisual resource and a supporting facilitator manual. In order to optimise the learning opportunities from this package it is recommended that participants are firstly introduced to the concepts of interprofessional learning and human factors in health care.

The audiovisual resource consists of interviews with ten healthcare professionals, each answering the following questions:

  • How would you describe your profession?
  • What do people with your profession do?
  • Who do you work with?
  • What education do people with your profession need to complete?
  • Where do people with your profession work?

Recommend format:

This resource can be used as a standalone package for individuals to gain information about a range of healthcare professionals, as well as an understanding of their role in the healthcare setting.

As each interview contains a substantial amount of information, it is recommended that the audience first brainstorm on the abovementioned questions for one of the professions, after which watching the interview will confirm, contradict and/or elaborate on previous knowledge. This may be followed by discussions of how the audience expects to collaborate with the interviewed health professional.

The resource can also be used in conjunction with other resources in this suite. It can be used to identify individual skills and knowledge that each specific healthcare professional possesses and how they can best contribute to client centred care.

Learning competencies

The specific interprofessional learning competency area for this scenario is:

  • Role clarification



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