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Miss Roisin McCallum

Overview of thesis

My PhD research projects broad aim is to trace sources of organic matter and nutrients using multiple isotopic tracers.  It is part of a multi-disciplinary team studying the highly valued Vasse Wonnerup Wetland System (VWWS) near Busselton,WA.  This project is part of a collaboration between ECU, Murdoch University, Southern Cross University, Department of Water (DoW) and the South West Catchments Council (SWCC).

The VWWS suffers from eutrophication due to the high loads of organic matter and nutrients from the heavily farmed catchment and expanding urban centre of Busselton.  Consequently,the system experiences toxic algal blooms, low dissolved oxygen and mass fish kills.  Therefore, gaining an understanding of the whole system is pertinent to reducing these impacts.Therefore, my project will focus on identifying the sources of organic matter and nutrients to the VWWS so that these sources can be specifically managed.

Project link: Identifying nutrient and organic matter sources in an impacted coastal wetland system


  • Masters Marine Science and Management, Southern Cross University, NSW
  • Bachelor of Science with Honours in Environmental Geoscience, Edinburgh University, Scotland
  • Rescue Diver
  • Recreational Skippers Ticket
  • First Aid
  • DAN Oxygen Provider
  • Estuarine Biogeochemistry
  • Anthropogenic influences on the coastal environment
  • Coastal and marine management

Past Research employment history

  • Research Assistant, Edith Cowan University 2013 – 2016

Other work

  • Research Projects Officer with CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research, 2012-2013
  • Junior Marine Scientist, Hydrobiology, 2011 - 2012
  • Coastal Wetland Scholarship
  • Australian Marine Science Association (AMSA) 2015: Spatial and temporal patterns in seagrass abundance and condition: insights for dredging management, Co-authors:  Dr Kathryn McMahon, Prof Paul Lavery, Dr Mat Vanderklift, Mr Mick Haywood, Dr Douglas Bearham, Mr James McLaughlin, Dr Hector Lozano-Montes
  • Society for Conservation Biology, International Marine Congress Conference (IMCC) 2014, Understanding the natural seasonal dynamics of seagrasses in NW Australia to determine dredging impacts, Co authors: Dr Kathryn McMahon, Prof Paul Lavery, Dr Mat Vanderklift, Mr Mick Haywood, Mr James McLaughlin, Dr Doug Bearham

Technical Reports


A/Prof Glenn Hyndes, ECU
Dr Kathryn McMahon, ECU
Dr Jane Chambers, Murdoch University
Prof Bradley Eyre, Southern Cross University
Dr Joanne Oakes, Southern Cross University


PhD Student
Miss Roisin McCallum
Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research
School of Science

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