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Cognition Research Group

The Cognition Research Group was formed in 2012 and is based in the School of Arts and Humanities. Membership of the group includes all those in the school engaged in research in cognitive psychology. This field is concerned with the processes whereby we acquire, store and utilise knowledge. Research undertaken by the group involves laboratory experiments, on-line surveys, and studies in applied settings such as schools and hospitals. Some of the group’s projects are funded by government agencies and external organisations, and others are undertaken as postgraduate research projects.

Although the projects undertaken by the Cognition Research Group fall under the general heading of cognitive psychology, there are four distinct research programs in the group’s activities. Despite the separate nature of these activities, there are clear synergies between them all. The “Psychology of Learning” program represents basic research aimed at uncovering principles underlying the acquisition of skills. The “Expertise and Decision Making” program investigates the effects on behaviour of many years of learning and skill acquisition. The “Media Influence” program investigates how exposure to various kinds of media (e.g., websites, movies, computer games) influences how we think about ourselves and other people. The “Interpersonal Communication” program investigates how communication with others shapes how we think.

Our staff

  • Professor Craig Speelman (Director)
  • Dr Guillermo Campitelli (Senior Lecturer)
  • Dr Ross Hollett (Lecturer)
  • Dr Shane L. Rogers (Lecturer)
  • Ms Valeska Berg (Researcher - PhD student)
  • Ms Tanya Read (Researcher - PhD student)
  • Ms Ronniet Orlando (Research – PhD student)
  • Mr Oliver Guidetti (Research Assistant)

Current projects

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