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Dr Ricks Allan

Ricks is an Adjunct Lecturer in the School of Arts and Humanities.


Ricks has worked for a life insurance company for 20 years - in the actuarial, product development, human resources and management information areas.

Ricks has been working at ECU since 1998 with responsibilities in the areas indicated above.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2001: Award of Excellence in Postgraduate Support. Postgraduate and Honours Student Association of Edith Cowan University, Perth.

Research Areas and Interests

  • Apology and Forgiveness
  • Developmental assessment of children
  • Psychometric properties of psychological tests.


  • Doctor Philosophiae, South Africa, 1992.

Recent Publications (within the last five years)

Journal Articles

  • Parry, C., Preece, D., Allan, R., Allan, A., (2021), Alexithymia in non-violent offenders. Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health, 31(1), 44-48, DOI: 10.1002/cbm.2177.
  • Preece, D., Parry, C., Allan, R., Allan, A., (2021), Assessing alexithymia in forensic settings: Psychometric properties of the 20-item Toronto Alexithymia Scale in a sample of incarcerated adult offenders. Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health, 31(1), 31-43, DOI: 10.1002/cbm.2176.
  • Allan, A., Allan, R., (2020), Ethical issues when working with terminally ill people who desire to hasten the ends of their lives: a western perspective. Ethics and Behavior, 30(1), 28-44, DOI:
  • Wrightson-Hester, A., Allan, R., Allan, A., (2019), Nightlife patrons’ personal and descriptive norms regarding sexual behaviors. Ethics and Behavior, 29(6), 423-437, DOI: 10.1080/10508422.2018.1541744.
  • Strickland, J., Martin, K., Allan, A., Allan, R., (2018), An Explanation of Apology Acceptance Based on Lay Peoples’ Insights. Interpersona , 12(1), 68-90, Germany, PsychOpen, DOI: 10.5964/ijpr.v12i1.286.
  • Strickland, J., Allan, A., Allan, R., (2017), The acceptance of apologies: in the Corrective Process: Implications for research and practice. Onati Socio-Legal Series, 7(3), 421-436, Onati International Institute for the Sociology of law.
  • Allan, A., Strickland, J., Allan, R., (2017), Interpersonal apologies: A psychological perspective of why they might work in law?. Onati Socio-Legal Series, 7(3), 390-407, Onati, Spain, Onati International Institute for the Sociology of law.
  • Strickland, J., Parry, CL., Allan, R., Allan, A., (2017), Alexithymia amongst perpetrators of violent offences in Australia: Implications for rehabilitation. Australian Psychologist, 52(3), 230-237, United Kingdom, Taylor and Francis, DOI: 10.1111/ap.12187.
  • Allan, A., Allan, R., (2016), Psychologists’ collection and management of clients’ information: An ethico-legal perspective. Psychiatry Psychology and Law, 23(6), 826-841, Oxon, UK, Taylor & Francis, DOI: 10.1080/13218719.2016.1160745.

Research Student Supervision

Co-principal Supervisor

  • Doctor of Psychology,  The impact of assessment on repeat deliberate self-harm.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  The requirement to be fit and proper: What does it mean to Australian psychologists?
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Alexithymia in a psychiatric population: Stability and relationship with therapeutic outcome.
  • Doctor of Psychology, Mock jurors' judgements of the victim, crime and defendant as a function of victim race and deliberation
  • Doctor of Psychology, Mental disorder labelling as an extralegal variable in mock jury deliberations
  • Doctor of Psychology,  The relationship between forgiveness, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder amongst secondary victims.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  The nature of the association between male violent offending and alexithymia.
  • Doctor of Psychology,  The lived experience of non-offending mothers in cases of intra-familial child sexual abuse: Towards a preliminary model of loss, trauma and recovery
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Risk assessment and Western Australian male Aboriginal sexual and violent offenders
  • Doctor of Psychology, Father role identity: An exploration of the construct and its measurement
  • Doctor of Psychology, An examination of fathers' satisfaction with the legal system: Exploring the concept in relation to fathers' experience with the family law courts of Western Australia
  • Doctor of Psychology, Aims, separation and attitudinal factors in mediation: An exploratory investigation
  • Doctor of Psychology, The effect of legal judgements on responsibility taking behaviour: An exploratory study.
  • Doctor of Psychology, An exploration of perceptions of an offender's true sorriness in an interpersonal context: An offended intimate partner's perspective

Associate Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Aboriginal perspectives about child sexual abuse: Informing the cultural dimension in sex offending theories for use with Aboriginal offenders
  • Doctor of Psychology,  The use and potential problems of neuropsychological evidence in Australian tort litigation
  • Doctor of Psychology,  A brief screening instrument for use by lawyers to assess the capacity of older clients with memory deficits.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Australian psychologists' perceptions and experiences of client threats.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  An examination of social desirablility confounds in a new ipsative measure of murray's psychogenic needs.
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Faking good on the mcmi-iii and mcmi-iv
  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Male victims of intimate partner abuse: Experiences of disclosure and help-seeking
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