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The Research Foci & Rationale for the Centre

Human impact is currently resulting in loss of biodiversity at a rate of up to 10 000 times the background rate of extinction. Loss of biodiversity is also further compounded by the consequences of climate change, which is altering the ranges, mating times, flowering and pollination of many species. Human-altered landscapes lead to fragmentation, habitat loss and altered ecosystem states. Understanding and managing these human-altered landscapes is essential if we are to successfully conserve biodiversity for future generations.

Building on the expertise of members, the proposed Centre for Conservation and Biodiversity aims to contribute to this aim of safeguarding biodiversity. Ranging from individual organisms and populations to communities and ecosystems, we aim to utilize cutting-edge approaches to develop insights into the underlying principles and mechanisms of species loss, and then use this to derive and apply solutions in collaboration with industry partners. Members work in the areas shown below, many of which overlap at different scales.

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