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Modern Slavery

The Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) requires large organisations in Australia to publish annual modern slavery statements to address the risks of slavery in their businesses and supply chains. The statements are published on the Australian Government's Online Register for Modern Slavery Statements, overseen by the Australian Border Force (ABF).

Slavery is defined in Australian legislation as the condition of a person over whom the powers of ownership are exercised. The term ‘modern slavery’ is used to distinguish current practices from historical slavery, and to highlight that slavery still occurs.

The Walk Free Foundation’s Global Slavery Index 2018 (GSI) estimated that over 40 million people were living in modern slavery in 2016, including 15,000 people in Australia.

ECU is committed to identifying and addressing any risks of modern slavery in the University’s supply chain. Initial analysis shows that the risk is low, but the University will continue to undertake further assessment.

If a member of the ECU community or the public is aware of modern slavery practices within the University’s supply chain or operations, please lodge a report so that this can be investigated.

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