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Djeran (April – May)

The Noongar Season ‘Djeran' is represented by the colour green as it is the time of the year where the cooler weather begins.

Djeran season sees a break in the really hot weather. A key indicator of the change of season is the cool nights that bring a dewy presence in the early mornings.

The winds will also change, especially in their intensity, with light breezes generally swinging from southerly directions.  Many flying ants can be seen cruising around in the light winds.

Djeran is a time of red flowers, especially from the red flowering gum (Corymbiaficifolia), as well as the smaller and more petite flowers of the summer flame(Beaufortia aestiva).

As you travel around the Perth area, you may also notice the red 'rust' and seed cones forming on the male and female she oaks(Allocasuarina fraseriana).

Banksias start to display their flowers,ensuring that there are nectar food sources for the many small mammals and birds that rely upon them.

Traditionally, foods at this time of year included the zamia seeds that had been collected and stored for treatment during the previous season.

The root bulbs of the yanget (Bullrushes),fresh water fish, frogs and turtles were also common foods.

As the season progresses, the nights will become cooler and damp. The onset of cool and rainy days meant that traditional mia mias (houses or shelters) were repaired and updated to make sure they were waterproofed and facing in the right direction in readiness for the deep wintery months to come.

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