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Breaking the Silence

The ‘Breaking the Silence’ research project is one of the first to focus on the unique experiences of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander LGBTIQ+ people living in Western Australia. Led by Indigenous/queer researchers, the study looked specifically at the ways in which health services, community and educational organisations can be more inclusive in working with Indigenous/LGBTIQ+ people. The research worked with organisations (surveys and focus groups) and community members (survey) to shape its recommendations. Two reports emerged from this work, one focusing on the findings from health professionals and community support workers, the other highlighting the lived experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in Western Australia.

Funding agency


Project duration

January 2018 - December 2021


Professor Braden Hill
Dr Bep Uink
Dameyon Bonson
Sian Bennett
Dr Anne-Marie Eades
Dr Jenny Dodd

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