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Mobile virtual reality project for girls

The School of Business and Law recently partnered with local high schools, to work with students on a unique Virtual Reality (VR) project.  

School of Business and Law Technical Adviser Justin Arnold, worked with St Stephens Duncraig and Kennedy Baptist High female students, to set up a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) project.

The aim of the project was to encourage female students to innovate and plan the logistics a real-life project, as well as the design and final construction of a number of VR units.

Sparking interest in innovation and entrepreneurship

This opportunity was offered to girls in the Year 10 Commercial Design class as an after school club. The VR equipment is static and often takes a lot of time to transport and set up in a new location when needed. The special headsets, controls, and six camera senors require access to power and the technological ability to set the equipment up.

The students were challenged with developing container units for the VR equipment so it can be taken to regional schools to encourage females to study with technology.

The project was in partnership with Women in Technology Western Australia (WiTWA), Dell Computers and Engineers Australia. School of Business and Law senior lecturer Dr Helen Cripps was awarded the Tech+ award by WiTWA for her involvement in the project.

Key outcomes of the project for female students

  1. To use collaborative problem-solving, communication, and teamwork skills to put together a project plan using project management skills,
  2. To innovate and design an entrepreneurial product,
  3. To think about the promotion and marketing to promote Virtual Reality use for female students,
  4. To better understand the future of technology and its potential in the business world.
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