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Work-Integrated Learning

Our Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) program represents a collaborative effort by industry and higher education to enhance student learning as a means of better preparing students for employment.

Through work placement opportunities, students will apply the knowledge and practical skills developed in the classroom to a professional environment while further developing a broad range of work expertise to further enhance their graduate capabilities.

Participating organisations in the WIL program can:

  • Access motivated, enthusiastic students with new ideas;
  • Complete existing or commence new projects;
  • Develop their own staff capacity through mentoring, coaching and engagement with students;
  • Develop mutually beneficial links with the University and other like-minded organisations;
  • Have the opportunity to trial prospective employees over a significant timeframe; and
  • Provide point of difference feedback to shape what future students are taught.

Through ECU partnerships with State and Local Governments, major institutions and local industries, the WIL programs includes;

Businesses participating in work-integrated learning programs benefit by:

  • accessing motivated, enthusiastic and willing students with new ideas;
  • having extra assistance to complete new and existing projects;
  • developing staff through interaction and engagement with students;
  • having the opportunity to provide feedback on what future students are taught;
  • developing links with the University and other organisations; and
  • having the opportunity to trial prospective employees.

Students participating in the program will be given the chance to further develop a broad range of work-related skills that will enhance their graduate capabilities.

For a summary of the different types of programs in the School of Business and Law, please read:

Benefits to employers and hosts

One-year industry placement

The Bachelor of Commerce Professional is an invitation only, sandwich degree program which gives students the opportunity to work full-time for one year in your organisation. Students complete two years of university study, followed by one year in industry and then return to complete their final year of study. During their one year in industry, they are available to work for 44 weeks, on a full-time basis across a range of projects and industries.


The School of Business and Law offers local organisations the opportunity to engage with students on real-life business projects.

Students are sometimes available to work on suitable industry projects as part of their on-campus studies. Students typically work in groups under the guidance of their lecturer who tracks progress, guides and assesses the student.

Participating organisations would typically provide an initial briefing as to the project requirements, be available for clarification during the course of the work and provide feedback on a verbal and/or written presentation of the project outcomes.

For further details on industry projects, please read:

Industry based projects

If you wish to explore the possibility of hosting an ECU student on any of the WIL programs, please contact:

Work-Integrated Learning Team
School of Business and Law
Telephone: (08) 6304 5727

For detailed information and host responsibilities please download our Guidelines.

Students interested in participating in a Work-Integrated Learning program should visit our Blackboard site.

"I’m really enjoying my placement and have already learned so much. They have also offered me some part time work with one of their forthcoming projects, so I’m really excited about that”.

Emily Raspa
Marketing student

More information

If you wish to explore the possibility of hosting an ECU student on any of the WIL programs, please contact:

Work-Integrated Learning Team
School of Business and Law
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 5727

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