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Cyber Security workshops

Learn how to conduct an investigation or secure information! These workshops offer high school students an opportunity to explore computer and network security concepts and skills through our on and offline hands-on activities. Our Makerspace hosts opportunities for students to learn about digital footprints and social engineering, information warfare, scams, and schemes as well as how to be cyber secure.

  • Digital Forensics: Learn how to investigate data for relevant information concerning the case. This unplugged workshop has students examining (fake) computer file logs, interpreting the data and obtaining evidence to determine if the person is guilty or not. We have obtained the computer records of three suspects where one of them cheated on an exam - Who did it and how do we know?
  • Encryption – Learn how to secure data, code messages and find out about the Enigma machine? Students get to explore methods used to encrypt and decrypt information from the Roman Empire to today’s busy finance world. This hands-on activity has students exploring methods used to securely transmit data, and/or crack codes.
  • Information Security – Learn how to identify scams and online schemes. This workshop takes students through the main features of online scams and phishing activities. Can you spot the difference, identify errors on emails from fake companies or recognise phishing strategies? In addition, learn about social engineering and how to protect yourself (and others) from being a victim of cyber-crime.
  • Steganography – Learn how files, messages, and images can be used to hide information. Where’s Wally? Where’s Waldo? Pixelate images, write over the top, capitalise letters, and create protocols. This workshop explores methods used to hide information and students can test their skills.
  • Network Security – Learn how to communicate wirelessly and explore vulnerabilities. Using radio communication on a micro: bit add secure protocols to ensure your information remains private. Learn about VPN’s MFA, incognito and secure practices. Try our ‘Free CafĂ© WiFi’
  • Cyber Challenges – Learn more about ethical hacking practices through the completion of Capture the Flag and Cyber Challenges. Start from the easier introductory challenges such as Cyber StartGo, Saburra, and Google CTF. Move to more command line CTF’s such as PicoCTF, Glacies, and Over The Wire. BIG finale enter in Perth’s WACTF.

Registration details will soon follow.

Cost: Nil

  • Dates: To be determined with the School
  • Time: half day or whole day workshops
  • BYO: Food and water bottle
  • Parking: Group drop off at Building 31 (ECU Library at the main entrance)

For more information, contact Michelle Ellis.

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