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Cyber Security Workshops

We offer a series of workshops, tours, presentations and camps linked to the Digital Technologies curriculum. They are designed for high school aged students interested in learning more about the Cyber Security field. Each of these workshops can run for one hour, or combinations to make half or full day sessions. We also run similar workshops through each of the school holidays.

Information Security: This workshop introduces participants to the fundamentals of cyber security as well as how to do things safely. Such as how to secure your personal information, conduct online activities, use of webcams and public Wi-Fi.

Cyber Threats: This workshop takes participants through the main features of online scams, social engineering techniques and phishing activities. Can you spot the difference, identify errors on emails from fake companies or recognise phishing strategies?

Protecting your Devices: This workshop takes you through Password Security, Why we update our devices, Password managers, Browsing tips and tricks, 2MFA, and Anti-Virus software.

Cyber Challenges – Develop the necessary ethical hacking skills as you problem solve online cyber challenges. Test your skills through completing Capture the Flag challenges such as Saburra, Cyber StartGo, PicoCTF or Over The Wire. Enter a high school team in ECU’s PeCan CTF or Perth’s WACTF.

Digital Forensics: Learn how to investigate data for relevant information concerning the case. This unplugged workshop has students examining (fake) computer file logs, interpreting the data and obtaining evidence to determine if the person is guilty or not.

Cryptography – Hack the box – Crack the codes using various techniques to reveal the secrets within. Students get to explore methods used to encrypt and decrypt information from the Roman Empire to today’s busy finance world. This hands-on activity has students exploring methods used to securely transmit data.

Steganography – Learn how files, messages and images can be used to hide information. Where’s Wally? Where’s Waldo? Pixelate images, write over the top, capitalise letters, and create user protocols. This workshop explores methods used to hide information where students can test their skills with Saburra.

Network Security – Learn how to communicate wirelessly and explore vulnerabilities. Using radio communication on a micro: bit add secure protocols to ensure your information remains private. Learn about VPN’s MFA, incognito and secure practices. Try our ‘Free Café WiFi’

Cost: Nil

When: During school time and school holidays

BYO: Water bottle, snacks and lunch

Where: Building 18, Level 1 or 2 Computer Labs

Parking Buses: Groups can be dropped off at the Main Entrance Joondalup Drive at ECU’s Library Building 31. Cars: Take Lakeside Drive entrance off Joondalup Drive, turn into Deakin Drive, go over the roundabout and into Red Carpark 14 – free on the weekend.


ECU is proud to be a member of SAGE’s Athena SWAN Australia. This initiative promotes gender equality and encourages opportunities for women in STEM.

For further information contact Dr Michelle Ellis

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