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Intelligence and Security Workshops

We offer a series of workshops and presentations around the fields of Security, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism. Topics have included:

i-Ops (Intelligence and Security) - Intelligence is the collection and analysis of information to inform decision makers on how to secure financial, political, industrial, economic, and/ or environmental interests. Counterintelligence is the protection of this sensitive information. Our i-Ops (Intelligence Operations) workshop offers high school students an opportunity to experience life as an Intelligence officer, analysing, collecting and interpreting data.

Physical Security: Tour a working Security Operations Centre (SOC) and put your observation skills to the test examining physical security measures in your environment.

Super Sleuthing Security and Intelligence: Learn the ins and outs of working in the fields of security and intelligence. Undertake Open-Source Intelligence collection, research and analysis tasks, observation and intelligence activities and engage in a sophisticated 'Who Dun It' style National Security Investigation.

Security Analyst (Kim’s game): This interactive collaborative game asks students to define, deduce, identify and classify objects into intelligent information. Students will have to carefully examine objects of interest, ascertain their meaning and deduce the information to make a statement about the person of interest. Who are they? Where are they from? Where have they been?

Intelligence Test: Don’t confuse this with IQ! Learn about the different skills needed to work in Intelligence. Solve problems, report on data, practice your observational skills. Look for irregularities, find patterns, remember key features and report on what you see and understand. What information doesn’t add up? Why? Undertake the online an Intelligence test – What can you Hear? See? Remember?

ECU is proud to be a member of SAGE’s Athena SWAN Australia. This initiative promotes gender equality and encourages opportunities for women in STEM.

For further information please contact Karina Price (Outreach and Engagement Co-ordinator, Computing and Security Science) on

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