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Dr Lois Balmer

Senior Lecturer

Staff Member Details
Telephone: +61 8 6304 5147
Campus: Joondalup  
Room: JO21.504  

Dr Lois Balmer is a Senior Lecturer and Research Scholar in the School of Medical and Health Sciences in the discipline of medical sciences. Dr Balmer not only teaches to undergraduate and postgraduate students but is instrumental in finding the nexus between teaching and research. This is seen by the supervision of over 6 PhD students and awards for teaching over the past 5 years.

Current Teaching

Unit Co-ordinator of three undergraduate units:

  • SCH2141 Advanced Biomedical Techniques
  • SCH2226 Human Molecular Genetics
  • SCH3223 Medical Genetics

Unit Co-ordinator of one postgraduate unit:

  • SCH6234  Molecular Biology and Genomics

Course Co-ordinator of:

  • Artificial Reproductive Technology Masters

Co-Ordinator of:

  • Minor Human Genetics
  • Human  Genetics Major


Dr Balmer is a researcher and lecturer at ECU; she is also a research officer at Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.  Her research focus in the genetics and complications of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, where she has worked for the past 12 years.

Professional Associations

  • Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR)
  • Australian Diabetes Society (ADS)
  • Women in Technology WA (WiTWA)
  • Science Teachers Association of Western Australia (STAWA)
  • Australian Society for Medical Research (ASBMB)
  • Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia (HERDSA)

Awards and Recognition

  • SDR Scientific Education Award from the Australian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2021
  • Edith Cowan University Vice-Chancellor's Citation Award, 2018
  • Pitch-It-To-Win-It 2014 second prize
  • Bala Krishnamurthy and Lois Balmer
    Funding Body:-NH&MRC program Grant internal funding to AI’s
    Title:- Identification of genes protecting mice from diabetes induced by highly pathogenic T cell
    Amount $16,667
    Awarded 2014/2015
  • Chief Investigator A: Professor Thomas Kay
    Associate Investigators:- L. Balmer., C. Nguyen., et al   
    Funding Body:- NH&MRC Program Grant
    Title:- Pathogenesis-based treatment of type 1 diabetes
    Amount $1,200,000/year (2012 to 2017)

Grants and Funding

  1. CIA Lois Balmer and Bala Krishnamurthy. NH&MRC program Grant internal funding
    Identification of genes protecting mice from diabetes induced by highly pathogenic T cell, 2015, $16,667
  2. AI L. Balmer., C. Nguyen., et al ,  NH&MRC Program Grant
    Pathogenesis-based treatment of type 1 diabetes, 2012-2017, $1,200,000/year
  3. CIA Lois Balmer. ECU Early Career Research Grant
    Beta cell mass and Islet production in the Collaborative Cross, 2016, $30,000

Research Areas and Interests

    The genetics of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Myelitis, Genetics, Complications from Diabetes, Glycomics and Sub Optimal Health
    Status, Scholarship of teaching and curriculum design.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, The University of Western Australia, 2005.

Research Outputs

Journal Articles

  • Balmer, L., O'Leary, C., Menotti-Raymond, M., David, V., O’brien, S., Penglis, B., Hendrickson, S., Reeves-Johnson, M., Gottlieb, S., Fleeman, L., Vankan, D., Rand, J., Morahan, G. (2020). Mapping of Diabetes Susceptibility Loci in a Domestic Cat Breed with an Unusually High Incidence of Diabetes Mellitus. Genes, 11(11), Article number 1369.
  • Jo, Y., Balmer, L., Lee, B., Shim, JA., Ali, LA., Morahan, G., Hong, C. (2020). Variants of innate CD8+ T cells are associated with Grip2 and Klf15 genes. Cellular and Molecular Immunology, 17(9), 1007-1009.

Journal Articles

  • Collin, R., Balmer, L., Morahan, G., Lesage, S. (2019). Common Heritable Immunological Variations Revealed in Genetically Diverse Inbred Mouse Strains of the Collaborative Cross. Journal of Immunology, 202(3), 777-786.
  • Salimova, E., Nowak, K., Estrada, A., Furtado, M., McNamara, E., Nguyen, Q., Balmer, L., Preuss, C., Holmes, J., Ramialison, M., Morahan, G., Rosenthal, N. (2019). Variable outcomes of human heart attack recapitulated ingenetically diverse mice. npj Regeerative Medicine, 4(5), 1-15.
  • Balmer, L., Whiting, R., Rudnicka, C., Gallo, L., Jandeleit , K., Chow, Z., Chow, Y., Richardson, K., Forbes, J., Morahan, G. (2019). Genetic characterization of early renal changes in a novel mouse model of diabetic kidney disease. Kidney International, 96(4), 918-926.
  • Ferguson, B., Handoko, HY., Mukhopadhyay, P., Chitsazan, A., Balmer, L., Morahan, G., Walker, GJ. (2019). Different genetic mechanisms mediate spontaneous versus UVR-induced malignant melanoma. eLife, 8(Jan 25, 2019), article no.e42424.

Journal Articles

  • Boutilier, J., Taylor, R., Ram, R., McNamara, E., Nguyen, Q., Goullée, H., Chandler, D., Mehta, M., Balmer, L., Laing, N., Morahan, G., Nowak, K. (2017). Variable cardiac α-actin (Actc1) expression in early adult skeletal muscle correlates with promoter methylation. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta: Gene Regulatory Mechanisms, 1860(10), 1025-1036.
  • Balmer, L., Weerasekera, L., Morahan, G. (2017). Genetic Variation in the Retinal Vasculature of the Collaborative Cross. Ophthalmology and Vision Science, 1(1), 36-45.

Journal Articles

  • Andrikopoulos , S., Fam, B., Holdsworth, A., Visinoni, S., Ruan, Z., Stathopoulos, M., Thorburn, A., Joannides, C., Cancilla, M., Balmer, L., Proietto , J., Morahan , G. (2016). Identification of ABCC8 as a contributory gene to impaired early-phase insulin secretion in NZO mice. Journal of Endocrinology, 228(1), 61-73.

Journal Articles

  • Weerasekera, LY., Balmer, L., Ram, R., Morahan, G. (2015). Characterization of Retinal Vascular and Neural Damage in a Novel Model of Diabetic Retinopathy. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 56(6), 3721-30.

Journal Articles

Journal Articles

  • Iraqi, F., Mahajne, M., Salaymah, Y., Sandovski, H., Tayem, H., Vered, K., Balmer, L., Hall, M., Manship, G., Morahan, G., Pettit, K., Scholten, J., Tweedie, K., Wallace, A., Weerasekera, L., Cleak, J., Durrant, C., Goodstadt, L., Mott, R., Yalcin, B., Aylor, D., Baric, R., Bell, T., Bendt, K., Brennan, J., Brooks, J., Buus, R., Crowley, J., Calaway, J., Calaway, M., Cholka, A., Darr, D., Didion, J., Dorman, A., Everett, E., Ferris, M., Mathes, W., Fu, C., Gooch, T., Goodson, S., Gralinski, L., Hansen, S., Heise, M., Hoel, J., Hua, K., Kapita, M., Lee, S., Lenarcic, A., Liu, E., Liu, H., McMillan, L., Magnuson, T., Manly, K., Miller, D., O'Brien, D., Odet, F., Pakatci, I., Pan, W., De Villena, F., Perou, C., Pomp, D., Quackenbush, C., Robinson, N., Sharpless, N., Shaw, G., Spence, J., Sullivan, P., Sun, W., Tarantino, L., Valdar, W., Wang, J., Wang, W., Welsh, C., Whitmore, A., Wiltshire, T., Wright, F., Xie, Y., Yun, Z., Zhabotynsky, V., Zhang, Z., Zou, F., Powell, C., Steigerwalt, J., Threadgill, D., Chesler, E., Churchill, G., Gatti, D., Korstanje, R., Svenson, K., Collins, F., Crawford, N., Hunter, K., Samir, N., Kelada, P., Peck, B., Reilly, K., Tavarez, U., Bottomly, D., Hitzeman, R., McWeeney, S., Frelinger, J., Krovi, H., Phillippi, J., Spritz, R., Aicher, L., Katze, M., Rosenzweig, E., Shusterman, A., Nashef, A., Weiss, E., Houri-Haddad, Y., Soller, M., Williams, R., Schughart, K., Yang, H., French, J., Benson, A., Kim, J., Legge, R., Low, S., Ma, F., Martinez, I., Walter, J., Broman, K., Hallgrimsson, B., Klein, O., Weinstock, G., Warren, W., Yang, Y., Schwartz, D. (2012). The Genome Architecture of the Collaborative Cross Mouse Genetic Reference Population. Genetics, 190(2), 389-401.

Journal Articles

  • Jacoby-Alner, T., Stephens, N., Davern, KM., Balmer, L., Brown, SG., Swindells, K. (2011). Histopathological analysis and in situ localisation of Australian tiger snake venom in two clinically envenomed domestic animals. Toxicon, 58(4), 304-314.

Journal Articles

  • Morahan, G., Balmer, L., Monley, D. (2008). Establishment of "The Gene Mine": a resource for rapid identification of complex trait genes. Mammalian Genome, 19(6), 390-393.
  • Shand, J., Davies, W., Thomas, N., Balmer, L., Cowing, JA., Pointer, M., Carvalho, LS., Trezise, AE., Collin, SP., Beazley, LD., Hunt, DM. (2008). The influence of ontogeny and light environment on the expression of visual pigment opsins in the retina of the black bream, Acanthopagrus butcheri. The Journal of Experimental Biology, 211(9), 1495-1503.

Research Projects

  • Beta cell mass and Islet production in the Gene Mine mouse strains, Edith Cowan University, ECU Early Career Researcher Grant - 2016, 2016 ‑ 2017, $30,000.

Research Student Supervision

Associate Supervisor

  • Doctor of Philosophy, How coxsackievirus b3 infection acts as a risk factor for type 2 diabetes mellitus by triggering autophagy and pesistent inflammation
No data available
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