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Glycan Aging Study

Our previous studies have proved that common variants of Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 1α regulate the expression of key fucosyltransferase and fucose biosynthesis genes, both acting as master regulators of plasma protein fucosylation and influencing N-glycan levels in human plasma.

Collaborating with Genos in Croatia, supported by a Connecting Australian-European Science and Innovation (CAESIE) Priming Grant, we further identified that changes in the profiles of 11 IgG N-glycans were seen with advancing chronological age, and proved our hypothesis that N-plasma glycan profiling could be a real-time indicator for the interaction between glycosylation and the environment and behaviours, with glycans serving as important biomarkers in ageing.

This project aims to develop a GlycanAgeKit by comparing the Australian glycan profiles with the exiting Genos' N-glycan data bank (African, Chinese, and European cohorts), and establish N-Glycan as a generic biomarker for inflammatory studies on chronic diseases and ageing among Australians.

Already established local collaborations with the Busselton Health Ageing Study Cohort will provide both retrospective and prospective samples from participants for the GlycanAgeKit validation. Genos has agreed to match funds by in-kind contribution through the use of their facilities (Nano-LC-MS/MS) for glycan analyses and staffing hours. A GlycanAgeKit will be developed by this collaborative initiative between the Australian team and Genos in Croatia.

For more details please contact

Professor Wei Wang
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 3717

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