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Clinical Associate Professor Colin Tang

Adjunct Associate Professor

Staff Member Details

Associate Professor Colin Tang is a radiation oncologist and Adjunct Associate Professor at ECU’s Exercise Medicine Research Institute.


Clinical Associate Professor, Dr Colin Tang – MBBS, FRANZCR – is a senior radiation oncologist at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, the largest public metropolitan hospital in Western Australia. Dr Tang works across most malignancies, though has a high case load and research output in prostate and bladder cancer. He is also the lead radiation oncologist of the Head and Neck Cancer multidisciplinary team and has a high case-load of Head and Neck cancer patients. Dr Tang’s research and clinical practice include genitourinary cancers (focusing on prostate and bladder cancers), gastrointestinal cancers, head and neck cancers, and Cyber Knife.

Prior to his appointment at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Dr Tang was a consultant radiation oncologist at Calvary Mater Hospital in New South Wales after completing his fellowship in Toronto, Canada. In recognition of his commitment to clinical research, particularly in Head and Neck Cancers and Prostate Cancer, he has received >$2.2 million AUD in competitive funding; >15 research grants, >25 refereed journal articles; and 1 book chapter in medical and clinical journals both nationally and internationally.

Professional Associations

  • Medical Board of Australia (MED0001207542)
  • Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (Faculty of Radiation Oncology)
  • Trans-Tasman Radiation Oncology Group (TROG)
  • Faculty of Radiation Oncology Genito-Urinary Special Interest Groups (FROGG)
  • Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate Cancer Trials Group (ANZUP)
  • Australian & New Zealand Head & Neck Society (ANZHNS)
  • Australasian Gastro-Intestinal Trials Group (AGITG)
  • Australia and New Zealand Melanoma Trials Group (ANZMTG)
  • Radiosurgery Society (RSS)

Research Areas and Interests

  • Prostate Cancer
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Head and Neck Cancer
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Lung Cancer
  • CyberKnife
  • Exercise Oncology
  • Survivorship

Research Outputs

Journal Articles

  • Schumacher, O., Galvao, D., Taaffe, D., Spry, N., Joseph, D., Tang, C., Chee, R., Newton, R. (2021). Effect of exercise adjunct to radiation and androgen deprivation therapy on patient-reported treatment toxicity in men with prostate cancer: a secondary analysis of two randomised controlled trials. Practical Radiation Oncology, In Press(Feb), In Press.

Journal Articles

  • Kneebone, A., Fraser-Browne, C., Duchesne, G., Fisher, R., Frydenberg, M., Herschtal, A., Williams, S., Brown, C., Delprado, W., Haworth, A., Joseph, D., Martin, J., Matthews, J., Millar, J., Sidhom, M., Spry, N., Tang, C., Turner, S., Wiltshire, K., Woo, H., Davis, I., Lim, T., Pearse, M. (2020). Adjuvant radiotherapy versus early salvage radiotherapy following radical prostatectomy (TROG 08.03/ANZUP RAVES): a randomised, controlled, phase 3, non-inferiority trial. The Lancet Oncology, 21(10), 1331-1340.
  • Nguyen, B., Meehan, K., Pereira, M., Mirzai, B., Lim, SH., Leslie, C., Clark, M., Sader, C., Friedland, P., Lindsay, A., Tang, C., Millward, M., Gray, E., Lim, A. (2020). A comparative study of extracellular vesicle-associated and cell-free DNA and RNA for HPV detection in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma. Scientific Reports, 10(December 2020), Article number 6083.

Journal Articles

  • Fairman, C., Kendall, K., Newton, R., Hart, N., Taaffe, D., Chee, R., Tang, C., Galvao, D. (2019). Examining the effects of creatine supplementation in augmenting adaptations to resistance training in prostate cancer patients undergoing androgen deprivation therapy: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. BMJ Open, 9(9), Article number e030080.
  • Newton, R., Christophersen, C., Fairman, C., Hart, N., Taaffe, D., Broadhurst, D., Devine, A., Chee, R., Tang, C., Spry, N., Galvao, D. (2019). Does exercise impact gut microbiota composition in men receiving androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer? A single-blinded, two-armed, randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open, 9(4), article no. e024872.
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