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Suboptimal health and glycomics

The research team aims to integrate subjective (suboptimal health) and objective (N-glycan) markers of health and establish a standardised screening and monitoring tool for cardio-metabolic disorders by constructing a dynamic glycan screening panel. These derived profiles will be used as tools (biomarkers) of a risk continuum for screening chronic diseases and their relation to various lifestyle and environmental factors, as well as monitoring the progression of suboptimal health status towards cardio-metabolic disorders, such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular and renal diseases.

Research Interests

  • Genetic epidemiology (biomarker screening, validation and trial)
  • Global health (disease burden, and chronic diseases diagnosis & management)
  • Genomics and glycomics (bioinformatics, DNA sequencing and N-Glycan profiling)

For more information, contact Professor Wei Wang

Current Projects

  • Human Glycome Project
    • Inter- and Intra-population diversities of glycan profiling
  • Suboptimal Health
    • Suboptimal health status assessment as a measure for prognosis of preeclampsia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and biological ageing.
  • Global Health  
    • Subjective (suboptimal health) and objective (N-glycan) markers of health research in three major ethnic populations:  African, Asian, and Caucasian.
  • Nathan Project for Rare Diseases (Facebook site)
  • Glycan Aging Study

Postgraduate student project opportunities

  • Towards personalised medicine via population-based study of variability of the human IgG glycome
  • Profiling IgG N-glycans as biomarkers of the ageing process: The Busselton Healthy Ageing Study
  • Suboptimal health: A new instrument for chronic disease assessment

For more information visit the SMHS Higher Degree by Research or HDR students project opportunities webpages.

Research team

Group Leader

Professor Wei Wang

Senior Lecturer

Dr Lois Balmer

Postdoctoral researchers

  • Dr Alyce Russell

Visiting Scholar

  • Dr Manshu Song

PhD students

  • Mr Aus Molan
  • Mr Enoch Anto
  • Mr Hao Wang
  • Ms Monique Garcia
  • Mr Xingang (Ivan) Li
  • Miss Xueqing (Ana) Wang
  • Ms Yuanhang Zhou
  • Miss Yulu Zheng
  • Mr Zheng Guo

Key Publications (2010-2020)

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  • Li, H., Zheng, D., Li, Z., Wu, Z., Feng, W., Cao, X., Wang, J., Gao, Q., Li, X., Wang, W., Hall, B., Xiang, Y., Guo, X., (2019), Association of depressive symptoms with incident cardiovascular diseases in middle-aged and older Chinese adults. JAMA Network Open, 2(12), e1916591, DOI: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2019.1659
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