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For Pre-Service Teachers

Become a PLaN member

Become a PLaN member and take advantage of the opportunity to gain extra exposure and experience in a learning environment beyond the requirements of your Professional Experience (practicum).

This service learning program will also help to enrich professional understandings and practice of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (Graduate Teacher Level).

You will need to be available for a dedicated time slot each week for a FULL school term. This must involve a minimum of one hour per week commitment at the School or Early Childhood Centre. The day and time slot of this service is negotiated between the School or Centre and yourself.

How to join PLaN

To join PLaN, you must be enrolled as an ECU Pre-Service Teacher in either a Bachelor or Masters of Teaching course. As soon as a suitable PLaN partner School or Centre is available, the PLaN Team will be in touch, so please keep an eye out on your ECU email.

Please note: to join PLaN you must also have a valid Working With Children’s Certificate (WWCC) and Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC).

To join the PLaN program please use the online form or email the PLaN Team at

FAQs for Pre-Service Teachers

  • Opportunity to positively impact student’s literacy and numeracy needs
  • Exposure to school-based literacy and numeracy strategies and activities
  • Networking for future employment
  • Enhance your skills against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • Collect further evidence for your teaching portfolio.

No. PLaN is not a Professional Experience. Typically, you will support a small group of students (typically 2-3) in literacy or numeracy programs as designed by the School or Centre you are assigned to.

No. The PLaN team will place you in a suitable partner School or Centre as close as possible to you live.

This may be possible. Please contact the PLaN team and we will endeavour to provide such a placement.

Yes. An ECU Certificate of Participation will be offered for each term of service that you offer and will recognise the number of PLaN service hours.

The School or Centre you are partnered with will design the literacy or numeracy program.

No. PLaN members are not expected to design programs. It is the PLaN partner school/centre and classroom teacher’s responsibility to:

  • Determine, design and plan the literacy or numeracy program and classroom activities;
  • Organise and prepare classroom lessons and activities;
  • Create and prepare required teaching and learning resources for the lessons including all materials, worksheets etc;
  • The student groups that the PLaN member can support; and
  • The timing of the PLaN programs / lessons.
  • Negotiate the day(s) and time the PLaN member will provide their service;
  • Discuss the allocated the year group(s) the PLaN member will work with. Note: The PLaN member should be placed to work with students who are the relevant age/year group that align with their current course of study. For example; A PLaN member enrolled in a Secondary course should be placed in Year 7  to Year 12 groups;
  • Introductions between the classroom teacher and the PLaN member;
  • A debrief about the learning needs of the students that the PLaN member may be working with if possible; and
  • PLaN member can complete school inductions or training if required.

Whilst the classroom teacher selects the individual or group of 2-3 students who will partner with the PLaN member, the PLaN member should be placed to work with students who are the relevant age/year group that align with their current course of study. For example; A PLaN member enrolled in an Early Childhood Studies course should be placed in year groups aged birth-eight years old.

Note: You may choose to work with older or younger year groups if negotiated with your PLaN Coordinator.

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