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Beyond Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a people-centred approach to innovation. It is more than the application of design methods and processes. To effectively use Design Thinking, it’s important to develop the mindset of a designer – being reflective, curious, playful, and able to develop visual sensitivity – as a reasoning process towards complex problems.

Developing a design mindset will allow you to embrace uncertainty, tap into your creativity, use prototyping to increase innovation, and to apply visual reasoning as the means to understand, unpack, and communicate complexities.

Why this is for you

This 2-day course is for people who have a fundamental knowledge in Design Thinking methods and processes. You might be tackling complex problems in your work and are looking for ways to be more innovative and competitive. You might work in the public or social sector, in a large-scale organisation, or be an entrepreneur.

Program overview

Day 1: Visualisation and problem framing

  • Design thinking is more than a process, nor is it about tools and methods. Discover how to shift into a design mindset to achieve a more adaptable and efficient business. Design thinking can help you to discover problems within your existing business and uncover new opportunities.
  • Understand and embrace uncertainty through design: Learn how designers develop the habit of being comfortable with an uncertain world. Immerse yourself in questioning and prototyping, and leverage this as a power to innovate in multidisciplinary sectors .
  • Moving from discrete to wicked  problems: Develop ways to see the world differently and be creative in identifying real problems that lead to innovation.
  • Visual sensitivity in a wicked problem: Cultivate habit and strategies to visually identify gaps or opportunities in complex environments.

Day 2: Creativity and experimentation mindset

  • Do you think it is too expensive to innovate and will your team actually do it? This session helps you to understand why, and practice how, visualising problems, ideas and solutions is essential to the solution finding process. Learn quickly and succeed cheaply. Learn to use a framework for generating new ideas and practice ways to prototype and understand why prototyping is so essential to innovation.
  • Visualisation and ideation: Ways to utilize visuals to trigger and generate abstract concepts into innovative programs.
  • Creativity as a game: Learn how to develop designer’s playful mindset in generating and prototyping solutions.
  • Visual communication and reasoning in idea prototyping: Develop visual skills in explaining details and identifying opportunities in ideas. Introduction to Design Thinking – for people-centred innovative solutions

Register your interest

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