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Introduction to Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a new approach to problem solving, providing you with the tools to enhance your creativity, innovation and outcomes. This solution-focused process equips you with skills that can be used to achieve significantly better results for your business or organisation. The design thinking methodology can be applied to any issue, and is the perfect tool for thriving in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment.

Why this is for you

You’re interested in developing creative solutions in the development of policy and strategy. You might work in the public or private sector, be a small business owner or an entrepreneur. Design Thinking will help you become more adaptive and agile, better equipped to deal with increasing disruption.

Program overview

  • Learn how to apply the fundamental building blocks of Design Thinking to issues you are currently facing in your business or sector.
  • Learn and practice the methodologies and protocols of Design Thinking
  • Investigate the Design Thinking approach to creating and accelerating better solutions to the complex challenges facing business and society
  • Explore ‘beginner’s curious mindset’
  • Workshop a simple workplace challenge and apply Design Thinking principles and protocols in a team challenge
  • Identify Design Thinking observations and stakeholders needs relevant to real workplace challenges
  • Move ideas into action through the practice of ideating and rapid prototyping
  • Capture insights on how to apply Design Thinking principles in your own organisation
  • Working in small teams, you’ll apply each of these steps to a practical issue, selected from a current challenge.

This highly interactive workshop will provide participants with both the theory and the practice behind Design Thinking, equipping you with the tools to become “addicted” to this new way of working.

Register your interest

We invite you to register your interest in this course by email:

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