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Fit Testing for Respiratory Protective Devices

This course trains you to undertake a quantitative and/or qualitative respiratory fit test to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 1715:2009 "Selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment" and AS/NZS ISO 16975.3:2023 "Respiratory protective devices - Selection, use and maintenance Fit-testing procedures".

The course covers the syllabus as prescribed by the RESP-FIT organisation and is accredited by, and prepares you to undertake RespFit Accreditation for the following two methodologies:

  1. Quantitative (CNC) respirator fit testing methodology
  2. Qualitative (ATT) respirator fit testing methodology

Course Content

The course covers the following content:

  • General Introduction/Fit Testing Overview
  • General Fit Test Considerations and Selection of Respiratory Protective Equipment
  • Fit-test records
  • Fit-testing procedures, including all the practical components in undertaking the test
  • Maintenance Requirements

What is involved

This course is divided into a theory and a practical component.

The first part covers the theory behind respiratory fit testing. This is self-paced, and and can be completed online using the ECU Short Course Learning Management Platform. You will receive a link to log on to the short course site when you register for the course.

You will be required to work sequentially through each of the modules in this course. Once you have completed all the modules, you will be required to undertake the Online Theory Test. All participants must achieve a score of 70% for the theory test before they will be able to proceed to the practical training. You can review the materials and repeat the test as many times as needed to achieve this score. Theory tests will be marked at the end of each week on a Friday, and you will be notified of the results as soon as marking is complete.

The practical aspect of respiratory fit testing, is a face-to-face workshop of 2 to 3 hours, depending on class size. Once you have completed the online test, you can enrol yourself into one of the practical training sessions. To do this, click on the People tab in the Course Menu, located on the left side of the screen. Select "Practical Training" and enrol yourself in the course of your choice.

To receive a Certificate of Successful Completion you will need to pass a test in both parts. Currently a successful completion will prepare participants to undertake the RESP-FIT Accredited Fit Testing exam at a reduced fee.

Duration and Cost

Theory Component

Date: Ongoing (Self-paced)
Location: Online

Practical Workshop Component:

Date: Practical Training will be scheduled for the first Monday of every month (February – November), at ECU Joondalup Campus, Building 19, Room 19.225. If you are a trainee from another State, please get in touch with Adelle Liebenberg to schedule a practical training session. For company-specific training, please enrol yourself into the session scheduled for your company.

Total Course:

Total duration: Approximately 6 hours


$770.00 excl GST (including both theory and practical components).

How to register

Please ensure that your full name, email address and your company are captured when you enrol. This will ensure that we can schedule the practical training sessions appropriately, and issue certificates promptly once you have completed the course. Certificates of Completion will be emailed to you after you have completed the practical training.


Any inquiries please contact:

Dr Adelle Liebenberg FAIOH, COH
School of Medical & Health Sciences
Respirable Fit Test Training Manager

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