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ICAM Lead Investigator

The course will provide you with practical investigation skills and knowledge of the issues associated with incidents such as a selection of incident causation theories, legal and Australian regulatory issues, and effective communication skills. You will be provided with a handbook which includes the incident investigation process, templates and resources to help you in your workplace.

This short course is designed for anyone who may be called upon to take part in an incident investigation, such as safety representatives, safety practitioners and operational team members.  The course provides some useful skills in why workplace incident and how to prevent them, and would be useful to anyone who has an interest in this.

Why is this course for you

This course designed to enable you to investigate a workplace incident, and take part in an incident investigation team.  Written in 2020 by investigation and safety experts it is up-to-date, and gives you knowledge of the latest research and practice in this important area. Even if you have attended an incident investigation course before, we think you will enjoy the practical and useful resources we provide as an up to date refresher. You also get a sample of the learning material in the Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, which can open the door to a University degree!

Courses content

  • What is involved and who takes part in incident investigations?
  • Secure the incident scene and other Australian regulatory issues
  • Collect evidence and interview witnesses
  • Work out what happened and why
  • Analyse the evidence, using ICAM and other processes
  • Write and communicate a meaningful and useful report
  • Incident Investigation toolbox containing a suite of downloadable incident investigate tools and templates.

This course is a module in the Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety.  Your incident investigation report can be marked as an assessment from the Graduate Certificate, and if you pass the assessment you will be given a certificate showing credit towards the Risk Management unit (OHS6131) in the Graduate Certificate.

So, if you have wondered about going to University, or you would like a University degree in Occupational Health and Safety, but are not sure if you can do it, have a go at this short course, meet some Lecturers and then you can decide whether to continue into the Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety.


You will be provided with a handbook which includes the incident investigation process, templates and resources to help you in your workplace.

When you register for this course you will have access to a wide variety of resources to help you learn how to investigate incidents, including video interviews with experts, professional incident investigations tools and reporting templates.

About the presenter

The course has been developed by experienced investigators, safety managers, and researchers with significant know how and expertise in incident investigation.  We have developed a practical and useful course to show you what to do to investigate an incident and prevent it happening again.

Upcoming courses

This course is delivered in both on-line and face to face mode.  If you join the on line course, you can start now, attend two scheduled live tutorials, will have up to one month to work through the course, and send in your report for marking (optional).  The face to face course is held over two days at ECU and other locations.

Upcoming dates for Classroom mode

June: 24 & 25th
July: 22nd & 23rd
August: 26th & 27th
September: 16th & 17th
October: 14th & 15th
November: 18th & 19th
December: 2nd & 3rd

Duration: 2 days

Location: Exchange Tower, Perth CBD

Price: $1100 (including GST)

Mode: Classroom

Register: ECU partners with Elect Group Pty Ltd to deliver this course in a face to face format.  As part of enrolling in this course you consent to allow ECU to provide Elect with such information as may be necessary to facilitate the delivery of this course.

Pay by credit card or opt for an invoice option: Book now.

*Please note if using the pay by invoice option, please also notify us of your enrolment by emailing your details to

For group bookings, please contact us via the  Elect Training and Consulting contact page

On line mode start dates: Coming soon!

Duration: 2 days total. You may study at your own pace over one month.

Price: $999 (Group discount available for 5 or more people, contact the School of Medical and Health Sciences)

Mode: Online ongoing

Register: Register your interest

Further information

For further information contact the School of Medical and Health Sciences, email

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