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Dietitians online Nutrition Care Process

The Dietitians online Nutrition Care Process (DoNCP) short course aims to support and provide education in the Nutrition Care Process (NCP), which is a contemporary clinical framework for dietetic practitioners. The purpose of this course is to better enable dietitians to use the NCP in their practice, to improve the documenting and quality of patient care. The course takes a practical perspective, using a mixture of theoretical and real life case studies along with readings and activities.

By enrolling in the DoNCP course modules, it is expected that you would contribute a minimum of two hours per week of your time. This includes reading educational materials, completing learning modules, case studies, or participating in online activities. A certificate will be provided on the completion of each learning module.

Why this course is for you

The DoNCP training is evidenced based, and has been shown to significantly improve NCP knowledge and confidence. Dietitians completing the course report being comfortable to use the NCP in practice.

This course offers:

  • Facilitation by a recognised 'NCP Global Trainer' with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Individualised feedback on case study activities
  • Up to 24 hours of assessable professional development
  • Exclusive access to educational resources and activities, including the official Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics eNCPT website (valued at US $100).
  • The opportunity to network, learn, and connect with other clinical dietitians

Course content

The course is split into two learning modules: beginners and advanced.

You can chose to enrol in one or both modules within the course, according to your requirements.

I received some patient reports from public hospital dietitians, they are all using the NCP. I was feeling inadequate and needed to learn something about it (NCP). I didn’t think I could really do this by myself at all, I have tried for three years and it didn't work, until I found your (DoNCP) website.

– Queensland dietitian

I found NCP a soulless way of describing an individual patient’s condition… I heard that if I am audited by Department of Veterans’ Affairs or Medicare, I would need a nutrition diagnosis statement. It has been difficult for me to learn about NCP as I am a sole practitioner. This is where my own personal DoNCP mentor has come to rescue. I cannot recommend highly enough of the DoNCP website. ... All the doctors now love reading my quirky reports with very personal observations and anecdotes to support my nutrition diagnosis statements.      

– New South Wales dietitian

I have been trying to teach myself NCP via conference workshops and professional webinars for 2-3 years but I just did not ‘get it’. I had almost given up hope until I joined DoNCP …. Within weeks, I was on top of the NCP… Thank you very much for helping me ‘get it’.

– Queensland dietitian

(DoNCP) is a great international learning community where you can learn about NCP and speak to other colleagues about how they use it. There are also useful case studies and live chats to learn from. I found this helpful to increase my knowledge about NCP - it has changed the way I am thinking and practising.

-TAS dietitian


Duration: 4 weeks
Price: $450
Mode: Online 
Prerequisite: Nil. This course is recommended for dietitians practising in clinical areas, and student dietitians.

This module is designed for dietitians who are new to the NCP or who have not yet used NCP in practice. Content includes:

  • NCP steps and application
  • Understanding and writing a nutrition diagnosis statement (PESS)
  • Applying NCP principles to case studies focusing on choosing the appropriate nutrition diagnosis terminology
  • Using the NCP in clinical documentation with a focus on assessment and nutrition diagnosis

This module contains 8 hours of assessed continuing professional development content.


Duration: 8 weeks
Price: $650 
Mode: Online 
Prerequisite: Nil. This course is recommended for dietitians practising in clinical areas, and student dietitians.

The module is designed for dietitians who have begun to use aspects of the NCP in practice, but are unsure of how to apply the NCP in full or who need further assistance with writing nutrition diagnoses. Content includes:

  • Using nutrition diagnosis aetiology matrix to guide the selection of appropriate nutrition problems in complex cases
  • Practicing full clinical documentation using ADIME format from the NCP framework
  • Complex long case studies, not only focusing on the nutrition diagnosis but also nutrition intervention, monitoring and evaluation
  • Documenting both initial and follow up consultations.

This module contains 16 hours of assessed continuing professional development content.

OPTIONALFREE extender module for Advanced

This additional free module will provide participants with the opportunity to work through and receive support and feedback on a real life case from their own practice. This extension module is only offered to participants who have successfully completed the advanced module.

You may be eligible for a discount on this course if:

Please send the following details to

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Work institution
  • Country of work
  • Relevant dietetic association, if applicable
  • Relevant dietetic association membership number, if applicable

Please send the following details to

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Organisation name
  • Organisation address
  • Please give the names of all participants
  • Individual payment/Group payment

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