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Subject Librarians

The Subject Librarians can help you find information and resources on your subject.

Senior Librarian: Law and Justice

Jennifer Moore

Librarian: Engineering, Natural Sciences

Karen Lycett

Librarian: Exercise and Health Sciences, Medical Sciences, Computer & Security Science

Pam Thornton

Librarian: Nursing and Midwifery, Medical Sciences

Michelle Tan

Librarian: Psychology and Social Science

Maria Woodhouse

Librarian: Education, Business
 (Mount Lawley)

Graham Connell (currently on extended leave, see Melissa de Klerk)

Acting Librarian: Education, Business (Joondalup)

Melissa de Klerk

Librarian: School of Communication and Arts, WA Academy of Performing Arts and Kurongkurl Katitjin

Lutie Sheridan

Librarian: Regional Professional Studies

Deborah Turner

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