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Submit to Reading List / High Use Collection

Readings are now managed by teaching staff within the module in Blackboard called “Reading List”. Academics can add and remove relevant readings, either from our collection or links from the Internet. Readings are no longer available on the Library Catalogue.

The physical items can only be borrowed from the High Use Collection on a short-term basis and the electronic items are available 24 hours a day through the Reading List System (RLS) found in the Blackboard site.

Items previously on High Use Collection held on the library catalogue have been migrated to the Reading List module.

A set of comprehensive instructions on using the Reading List Module can be found on our Library Guide.

CORE READINGS need to be approved by your School's Associate Dean before they can be made available to students, this might take a few days. These are mandatory texts and will be published in the Handbook.

REQUIRED and OPTIONAL readings can be made available immediately.

You can contact the Reading List team if you require more assistance


When selecting your items to include in your Reading List you may wish to consider the following guidelines:

Physical items

  • If you wish for a book to be included in the High Use Collection, please use the “FOR LIBRARY” box to indicate this along with the campus. eg, HUC x BUN & JOO.
    Adding a book to your reading list does not automatically mean inclusion into the High Use Collection, unless it is a Core Reading.
  • Books added to Reading List that are not part of our collection will automatically create a purchase request to your subject librarian.

Electronic items

  • PDFs are to be supplied by the academic. PDFs do not need to be supplied if the item is available in one of the Library subscription databases (e.g. ProQuest). Simply complete the full citation details for the article, chapter, etc. and add the permanent link within the Reading List System in Blackboard.
  • PDFs can be added through the Reading List and these will be checked by library staff before being made available to students.

Copyright restrictions for electronic items

Under the Copyright Act and the University’s Agreement with Copyright Agency Limited, various restrictions are imposed on the portion of a work which can be copied. These limits are:

  • 1 chapter or 10% of a book, but more if the book is out of print or out of copyright.
  • 1 article per issue, but more if the articles are deemed to be of the same specific subject matter (e.g. a themed issue). Only applies to PDFs, not links.
  • Limits apply across all book editions unless the editions are markedly different.
  • The whole or part of a literary or dramatic work in a published anthology if not more than 15 pages.Note: for material that exceeds the limit set by the Copyright Act, you may be able to obtain permission in writing for this from the copyright owner, using the Copyright permission request form.

Note: for material that exceeds the limit set by the Copyright Act, you may be able to obtain permission in writing for this from the copyright owner.

For more information about copyright, see the e-Reserve Copyright Policy.

For more information about referencing see the online referencing guide.


Your campus library staff can help you with any queries or you can contact us via email at Reading List / High Use Collection

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