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Public Health Law and Ethics

This short course provides an introduction to public health law and ethics, in an Australian context. The Australian legal system is outlined, along with an interpretation and application of state and national public health legislation, such as the WA Public Health Act 2016. Participants will engage with module based learning and undertake activities to explore course content.

Why is this course suitable for you?

This course is suitable for participants interested in working in public health practice across a range of settings and sectors. It is suitable for practitioners working in Local Government, State Government or Not For profit agencies, with a focus on legislation, public health policy, advocacy and public health planning. Ethical issues such a bribery, corruption and rights and responsibilities will be explored. The skills and knowledge gained by undertaking this short course will be transferable globally, with international examples of public health legislation and advocacy strategies being provided

Course content

The course includes a series of four Modules that explore contemporary issues impacting on Public Health Law and Ethics
in Australia. Contemporary issues such as tobacco control, obesity prevention, environmental health, gambling, alcohol and vaccinations will be examined. The modules provide insight into past public health challenges and identify emerging public health issues, with a particular focus on balancing individual rights and responsibilities with population health goals.
The following Modules are included in the course:

  1. Legal systems and legal structures
  2. Public Health Law
  3. Public Health Ethics
  4. Advocacy and Ethical Practice

The course is completed online, taking approximately 4-5 hours.



More information

Please contact ECU's School of Medical and Health Sciences for more information via email at:

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