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Innovation in policy and practice

Innovation in policy and practice is central to leadership in educational research.

Our cutting-edge researchers lead in matters of children’s understandings of the world, leadership, innovations in curriculum, feminist and alternative perspectives, the sport-education policy interface, and the power of dance and movement.

Our Team

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The School of Education has a number of students currently undertaking research as part of the Doctor of Philosophy. Below is a list of current thesis research being undertaken by our students. To find out more please contact our Associate Dean Research.

  1. Pedagogical leadership: An investigation in the early years of school.
  2. Head-teachers in troubled schools: A case of community school leaders in Nepal.
  3. Place literacies: Literacies that are emerging when place and children think together.
  4. Empowering education support staff in their interpretation and implementation of a regional secondary college reading intervention program.
  5. Understanding teachers' pedagogical reasoning and practices in ICT science classrooms.
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